Northside Community Church

Mission, Vision, Values


Passionately Following Jesus, Compassionately Loving All. 




We will be a community embracing God’s truth, allowing it to form our beliefs and shape how we live.
Embracing God’s truth will be characterized by

  • reading, reflecting on, and studying the Bible
  • providing educational opportunities that are both applicable and relevant to our lives and relationships
  • learning from what God has done in one another
  • providing relevant resources which help us discover God’s truth

Embracing of God’s truth will result in

  • being knowledgeable of Biblical truth
  • being prepared to communicate that truth though our words and actions
  • recognizing and responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit



As fully devoted followers of Jesus, we will be a community that is experiencing the transforming power found in intimacy with God and his Church.
Our lives of transformation will be characterized by

  • fostering an environment of authenticity, vulnerability, confessional openness, and welcome
  • encouraging intimacy with God through personal habits of spiritual formation
  • building a discipleship culture
  • walking with one another in mentoring relationships and accountability
  • bringing reconciliation to all our relationships
  • offering care and support to those in crisis

As a transformed community we will be mature followers of Jesus who reflect Christ in and to our world.


Following the example of Jesus, we will foster a lifestyle of prayer that is integral to our lives personally and as a community as we seek relational connection with God.
Our lives of prayer will be characterized by

  • being spiritually formed in prayer
  • learning to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading
  • declaring our need for supernatural intervention
  • making petitions for ourselves and others
  • surrendering to God in worship

This lifestyle of prayer will lead to

  • creating a culture that values prayer
  • growing students of prayer
  • communicating prayer needs
  • celebrating answers to prayer
  • incorporating prayer into all we do


Because Jesus brought us into a new kind of community, we will be engaged with one another in authentic and meaningful relationships.
Our lives together will be characterized by

  • caring for and supporting one another
  • cultivating an environment of vulnerability in which we are able to share, listen, and respond well
    forgiving one another
  • committing to people with whom we could not have gotten along with apart from the healing power of the gospel
    meeting in small groups to discuss and live out the gospel
  • spending time together, having fun, playing together, and inviting one another into our homes

Living in Christ-centered community will result in

  • wholeness in our personal lives and relationships
  • greater dependence on Christ and one another
  • reflecting the kingdom and its values to those around us



We will have worship gatherings that are designed to inspire, equip, and encourage people to live as fully devoted followers of Jesus.
Gatherings will feature

  • a welcoming and caring environment for all ages
  • elements that shape our faith such as music, Biblical teaching, prayer, reflection and response, celebration and lament, communicating purpose, and stories of what God is doing in our lives and in the world
  • opportunities to learn and grow together
  • intentional time to connect relationally with one another

Gatherings will lead to

  • our full-life response – head, heart, and hands – ascribing worth to God for who He is and what he has done
  • depth in our relationships with one another
  • growth and a greater impact in Whatcom County



As followers of Jesus, we will cultivate a culture of outreach and engagement to the communities in which each of us lives and to the wider world.
Our culture of engagement will be characterized by

  • being aware of local needs and our role in meeting them
  • equipping everyone to serve through their unique gifts and interests
  • invested in the activities, events and life of Whatcom County
  • providing opportunities to serve locally and internationally
  • connecting relationally in our neighborhoods and sharing experiences with unchurched people in order to build meaningful relationships
  • reaching out to people and families with specific needs
  • ensuring that our facility and grounds are a hospitable, usable, and welcoming space
  • hosting outreach events from our facility
  • supporting global missions through prayer, financial giving, and partnerships

This posture of engagement will lead to

  • health and wholeness for each of us as individuals
  • enhanced growth and life in the church
  • people becoming followers of Jesus



As a church family, we will manage, direct, and develop resources provided by God to advance His Kingdom.
The practice of stewardship will be characterized by

  • choosing to be obedient in the giving of our time and finances
  • providing ongoing leadership development
  • equipping people for works of service
  • facilitating effective structures and governance
  • keeping the facility and grounds clean, safe, and well-maintained
  • implementing systems for regular evaluation and accountability

This practice of stewardship will result in

  • available finances to accomplish the mission God has given Northside
  • equipped and mobilized volunteers
  • equipped and effective staff
  • well-organized structures and governance
  • a welcoming environment



We seek the truth that is found in the word of God, both written and revealed.


We value the gospel’s transforming power to take us on a journey toward becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.


We value ongoing conversation with God that acknowledges our complete dependence on Him, seeking restoration to our lives and world.


We value being united in Christ in authentic relationships, which reflect and further the kingdom of God.


We value coming together to worship God.


We value pursuing the answers to life’s meaningful questions as we build relationships with those we encounter, courageously serving and advocating with grace and truth, taking the hope of Jesus to the world.


We value wise management of what God provides.